Pharma End-To-End Global Supply Chain Logistics 2018 EU

London, UK

Changing global political landscapes, economic crises, social involvement and technological innovations over the past few years have created lasting impacts on the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Process. From Brexit implications on the EMA and UK pharmaceutical legislation, from new taxes creating challenges for budgeting in pharmaceutical companies, from the manufacturer to the final user, from the cargo driver to the goods provider, Supply Chain Management needs to take into consideration all the parties involved in the logistics. Essential is the focus on new policies and laws, risk management and advances in technology that could facilitate relationships between stakeholders and increase the chances for a smoother end-to-end process


Who You Will Meet


At the Pharma End-to-End Global Supply Chain Logistics 2018 Europe, you will have the chance to meet and network with VPs, Heads, Directors and Managers of leading Biopharmaceutical and Biotech Companies, experts in logistics, Cargo Companies representatives, Academia, Non for Profit Global Organizations and Government and Non-government leads from all over the world.


    • Supply Chain Strategy & Management
    • Logistics
    • Sourcing/Procurement
    • Distribution
    • Transportation
    • Planning
    • Operations
    • Demand Management
    • Supplier Relations
    • Security
    • Integrity
    • Risk
    • Anti-Counterfeiting


What You Will Learn


    • Focus on the changes and breakthroughs that the Supply Chain system is facing and will face in the near future.
    • It will highlight the Political, Economic, Social and Technological aspects around the logistic process, focusing on the latest Laws and Procedures.
    • It will provide a closer look to Security issues and Risks Management.
    • Brings a complete overview of the entire End-to-End supply chain, from the Manufacturer to the Final User.
    • Provide an insight of the Pre- and Post- Pharma Supply Chain
    • Covers the relationship with third parties and stakeholders.


Featuring Key Industry Experts:


    • Jag Srai, Leader REMEDIES & Head of Centre for International Manufacturing at University of Cambridge
    • Jason Cameron, VP Supply Chain, Amicus
    • Georges France, VP LOCs Global Quality Lead, GSK
    • Bjørn Mogensen, VP DFP Business Support, Novo Nordisk
    • Marion Matthewman, Head Global Logistics, Syngenta
    • Olivier Brusle, Managing Director, Supply Chain Foundation
    • Martin Fitzgerald, Deputy Director General, GIRP
    • Murilo Coube, Supply Operations Specialist, MSD
    • Yoram Eshel, Senior Director Head of Global Transportation, TEVA
    • Peter Kalinski, Director Supply Chain at J&J Consumer EMEA
    • Diana Contreras, Senior Supply Chain Manager, Vertex
    • Matt Moran, Director, BioPharmaChem Ireland
    • Viliam Kovac, Head Global Supply Quality, Roche
    • Gianpiero Lorusso, Director Supply Chain Operations and GS Merck Group
    • Stephen Mitchell, Compliance and Quality Manager Logistics, GSK
    • Francisco Rizzuto, International Cargo Management Professional, IATA
    • Ansu Archana, Senior Manager Sourcing & Strategic Supply Europe, Glenmark Pharma
    • Kulwant Pawar, Professor of Operations Management & Director, Nottingham University Business School
    • Stephen Kaufman, Chief Product Officer, Blue Software


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